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the old english period from origin to 1066 - Roman Britain

roman Britain

Britain was originally populated by celts who ha settled on  the Island in two main groups the geals the first ones to come and the Britons  whio joined them later
remain of this age are left Stonehenge and in  other places  where Druids  (celts priest) held their rituals
a third Group of Celts  living in France   the Gauls had to face  the armies of the Roman and when the Britons decided to help  their "brothers in France Julius Ceaesar  crossed  over into Britain (55-54  B.C.
a more  permanent Roman  invasion began under emperor Claudius and from then onwards Britain became  a province of the Roman empire for at least 400 years Signs of this rule are the name  of some  towms ending in Chester  or caster  the once latin castra 
these town were in fact ancien Roman forts

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