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inglese - demonstrative adjectives and pronouns

inglese - demonstrative adjective e pronouns

this thes, that those agree with their noun in number (they are the only adjectives to do this )

this boy, this girl  these boys  these girls
that actress that actor those actresses those Actors

note  the use of this /these  and that/ those  + noun + of yours /Peter's  etc.

that car of yours  is Always  breaking down (yor car is Always  breaking down)

example for use as pronouns

this is my Brother
what is that ?

this and that can represent clauses

Our car broke down on the way to the airport. This made us late for the plane.

this/these that/those  used with one/ones

When there is som idea of comparison or selection the pronoun one/ones is often placed after these demonstrative but it is not essential excepti when the demonstrative is followed by an adjective.

this chair is too low: I'll sit in that (one )
which do you like ? I like this (one) best

one is optional


I like this blue one

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