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inglese - adjectives

inglese -adjective

Kinds and Agreement

  1. of quality  square good Golden fat heavy dry
  2. demonstrative  this that these those
  3. distributive each every either neither
  4. quantitative some any no few many much one
  5. interrogative which what whose
  6. possessive my yoour his her  its  our your their

Adjectives in English have only one form which is used with singular and plural and feminine nouns

a good boy  a good boys

The only exception are the dimostrative adjectives

this cat these cats

Position of adjectives before a noun they are not usually separated by and excetp the last two  adjectives of color

a big square box

a black and White cap

Adjectives of quality however can be placed after the verbs be seem appear look and is then placed between the last two adjectives

the house looked large and inconvenient


There are three degrees of comparison
  1. positiv        dark                       tall                useful
  2. comparative   darker                taller            more useful
  3. superlative   the darkest          the tallest     the most useful
one-sillable adjecitves form their comparative and superlative by adding er and est to the positive form

bright  brighter  the brightest

adjective of three or more syllables form their comparative and superlative by putting more and the most  before the positive

interesting  more interesting the most interesting

akjective  of two syllables follo one or other of the above rules those endin in ful or re usually take more the most

doubtful more doubtful the most doubtful

those ending in er y o ly  usually add er est

pretty prettier  the prettiest

irregular comparisons

good    better   the best
bad    worse the worst
little  less   the least
many more the most
much more the most
far further the furthest
old  older oldest            elder the eldest

elder e the eldest imply seniority rather than age. They are chefly used for comparisons within a family

my elder Brother

but elder cannot be placed before than so older must be used here

constructions with comparisons

with the positive form of the adjective good tall clever we use  in the affirmative and not as   oppure not so

A boy of sixteen is often as tall as his father

with the comparative we use than

He makes fewer mistakes than you

comparison of three or more people/things  is expressed by the superlative with the ........... in /of

this is the oldest theatre in London

Parallel increase is expressed by the + comparative ..... the + comparative

do you want a big house ?
yes the bigger the better

to increase o decrease is expressed by two comparatives joined by and

colder and colder

adjectives  of quality used as nouns

good/ bad  poor/ rich Young /old

The poor = poor people

use with pronoun one/ones

adjectives of quality can be used  without their noun if the pronoun one (singular)  or ones (plural )
is placed afterwards

I like those pencil , I take the blue one

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