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inglese descrizione delle persone

inglese descrizione delle persone

Key structures to use when describing a person

she is an elderly woman
her hands are gnarled now
she has a gentle kind face
she is  he mid-seventies, with greying hair
Always  wears clothes  the she makes herself

a description of a person may include

physical description
character description/general impressions
something about her/ his habits
comparisons  for example one member of the family and another
identification for example how this person can be identified in a Group

vocabulary for physical description

Below is a small selection of words  and phrases which can be used in conjunction with the key structures above to build up descriptions of people.
Study the example carefully  to see which of the key structures are used with different words  and phrases and be particularly careful when adding words of your own  to put them  with the correct structures.

age ( with the verb to be)

fifty years old
in her thirties
a Young sixty-five
middle-aged yaoungish
in her mid-sixties

she is fifty years old
He was an elderly man in his mid- sixties


colour dark fair blonde greying
length an style  short curly hair long straight hair balding bald

he had short fair hair
his hair is dark and curly
he is balding


colour  blue  brown  green
shape  large Almond shaped  round
character  direct laughing warm cold

example she has larghe brown eyes
his eyes are warm and laughing


smooth, lined, wrinkled, round the eyes, round, thin

example he had a round, smooth face
his face was lined

other facial features

eyebrows   bushy
nose        turned up
mouth wide,  mean, generous

example he had bushy  eyebrows and turned-up nose
her mouth was wide  and generous

size and shape ( with the verb to be)

big, small
thin, slim, plump, fat
tall, short
broad-shouldered, well-built

she was tall and thin
he is well-built

deep, soft, loud, piercing


her voice  was loud and piercing

an apron, a cap  a suit
chothes that she makes herself, welldressed
fashionable/shabby/shapeless clothes


she wears her best suit
he was wll-dressed man

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