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inglese - reading comprehension

inglese - reading comprehension                                                                    LIVELLO AVANZATO

this section is useful to  teste vocaburary and formal gramatical control
you are required to fill  in a blank  a sentence  with  one of four given words or phrases

here an example

she quickly washed the milk off the carpet so that it wouldn't leave  a ........................

A  stain     B colour   C fault  D remark

answer : A

the text is intended to test your understanding of which word is correct in a particular context


it is important  to remember that whatever choice you make  you answer  must be correct  in both
meaning and structure


do you ............. to my  smoking a pipe

A  mind  B excuse C object  D  dislike

all these choise seem to express a similar meaning  tha of "not liking" but only one i s structurally correct
choice C object is correct because  it is followed  by  to
mind dislike an excuse  cannot be followed by to

example 2

be careful  when you enter the prison. There are some  very .......... guard dogs

A tame  B friendly   C beautiful  D fierce

all the choice are adjective  and would be appropriate from a sructural poin of view  but   A  B  C  cannot be correct (why  should you be careful  of such charming guard dogs  D fierce  is there fore the right answer 

example 3

However hard you tried he never ........ to swim more than 100 metres

A succeeded  B failed   C  realised   D  managed

A succeeded   has the right kind of meaning  but is wrong structurally because  succeede shoud be followed by  in

B failed   is right structurally  but has the wrong meaning

C realised  is wrong in meaning and structure

D managed   is correct in meaning and structure  ( managed is followed by TO )

remember to read the sentences carefully  and check that your choice is correct both in sturcture  and meaning

your aim in preparing for rhis section  is to broaden your understanding of the correcti use of English
words and phrases
different way  + preposition combination, phrasal verbs  general vocabulary idiomatic expression
Word  which cause  special difficulties
to prepare this part of examination you must  be willing to do a lot of work by yourself and  is recommend the use of a good English-English  dictionary 
it is  very important  that your dictionary  should you explain  the various meaning of words but gshoul also give clear examples  of how  they are used

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