martedì 1 settembre 2015


read these sentences through then replace  quality and  characteristic  y property or grade

1.  materials are accurately tested so that their electrical characteristics can be  assesse and compared

2. the oxid film which forms on alluminium increas its corrosion-resisting  qualities

3. the body  of a high breaking capacity  cartridge  fuse  is  of high-qualitiy  ceramic

4. the most important  quality of copper is  its high electrical conductivity the early 20th  century it was discovered that electron emission  from heated metals  is a true quality of the metals  themselves  and is not  a secondary  effect due to the presence  of gas

6. paper thugh higly hygrospocpic is used as  an insulator in many applications on account of its  flexibility and good electric qualities

7. welded-seam conduit  is used for most commercial quality  installation  work

8. the magnetic qualities  of iron  and cerain special iron alloys are essential to commercial electrical  machine and trasformers

9. the quality  of this uranium ore is too low  for economic working

10. it is  seldom possible  to obtai in one material the ideal mechanical and electrical  characteristics

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