lunedì 15 giugno 2015


little Lamb who made thee ?
dost thou know who made thee ?
gave thee life and bid  thee feed
by the stream and over the mead
gave thee clothing of delight
softeste clothing  wooly bright
gave thee such a tender voice
making all the vales rejoice
Little Lamb who made thee
dost thou know who made thee
Little Lamb I'll tell thee
Little Lamb I'll tell thee
he is called by thy name
for he calls  himself a Lamb
he is meek and he is mild
he became  a little child
I a child and thou a lamb
we are called by his name
Little Lamb God bless thee
Little Lamb God bless thee

this poem consist of two stanzas

the identity of the Creator of the Lamb is the theme of the poem In the first stanza the poet presents various actions involved in the creation

try to Group the word describing  such actions  according to the main connotarions they suggest to you
e.g. generosity  is suggested gave life  gave clothing  gave voice  bid thee feed

what quality have all the connotations in common ?

which attributes of the Creators are suggested in the first stanza ?

now read the second stanza and  underline the noun and adjecitves that define the Creator and check if the connotation of the Creator is consistent with the connotarions of the creation

thee    = old use for you
dost    = old user for do
thou    = old use for do
bid = order tell
feed = eat
mead = field
thy  = old use for  your

in the second stanza  the poet establishes two orders of identification

he = the Creator  = Lamb = child
I = the poet = child = Lamb

find the lines where  the two order of indentification are expressed

explain the first sequence  with reference to the bible 

what connotation have the Lamb and the child ?

consider tre answer  to the previous question what is the meaning of the second identification

is the Lamb a real animal or does it stand as a symbol  of something else

which Language devices are used maninly  to convey and reinforce the meaning of the poem?

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